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Your local organic & homemade 
boulangerie - pâtisserie
in Amsterdam

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Noé family


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At Noé we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products, all of which are 100% organic, prepared by hand and baked fresh daily.

Thanks to our many years of experience in organic retail and cooperation with many suppliers, including dairy and grain farmers, with whom we have established a relationship of trust, we can use flour, grains, nuts and many other ingredients that meet the highest quality and standards. Traceability of our products remains at the heart of what we do and who we are. The special taste and composition of the dough is closely related to the quality of all ingredients, and the craftsmanship of our bakers guarantees the unique nature of our products. For example, our flour comes from our partner, Moulin Marion, an organic family mill based in the region of Rhône-Alpes in France. The hazelnuts and almonds come from Sicily at Fratelli Damiano, who’s family provide the highest standard of ingredients as they have done for several generations.

It is with these impeccable raw materials that we strive to provide the freshest, creamiest, most refined, crunchy yet soft, and perfectly balanced products for Amsterdam to indulge in.

“My name is Martine and I am Dutch. I started my career 25 years ago with my French husband and together we evolved in the organic industry as to able everyone to eat healthy and sustainably. My three older boys always gave a hand during holidays either in sales or in the bakery. Since my oldest son graduated he’s working with me on different projects. Even the youngest one Noé, loves to sell the little breads behind the counter, chatting with clients and ''colleagues''. This is how that today we decided to take on a new adventure: Noé's bakeries. Being exclusive to Amsterdam, the three bakeries aim to invite you in our family, to take part in this delicious adventure! My sister Sandra is part of this and gives a hand in marketing and administrative duties. My son's best friend became Noé's manager and several members of the baking staff and selling team are closely involved in daily decisions, we are a family, just even bigger.” 
Martine, Noé's mum

Le Levain Noé


Our home made levain is fermented in our bakery to give the flavourful taste of each of our breads.

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