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We Are Certified Because We Care


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What is an organic-certified product?


An organic-certified product is respectful of the environment and of each living being that lives within it. These products are produced without any chemicals support. From there, those products respond to the European legislation, for instance:

  • No use of synthetic chemical products (pesticides, fertilizers, weed killer...).

  • No use of GMO’s.

  • Respect of animals’ well being (transportation, farming conditions, slaughtering).

  • For all transformed products, a minimum of 95% of organic ingredients is required.

How do we get controlled?


Like all of our partners in this industry, from farmers to retailers, we have to declare anything we produce, develop, sell to Agence BIO.

Furthermore, an accredited third party, such as Écocert, Certifaq or Qualité-France, will regularly chick in on us.

Moreover, the DGCCRF does regular check ups of all our products being made here or imported; which is the case for our olive oil for example, coming from Riccardo Damiano’s farm in Sicily (IT).


Noé, five logos of authentication.


These 5 logos are here for you to track the traceability of our products:

  • The AB logo is the French label that was created by the ministry of agriculture and food. It is the guarantee that a product is made of a minimum of 95% of certified-organic ingredients. The French AB is compulsory.

  • The Euro logo is the European label certifying that a product responds to all points of the organic agriculture specifications. This is a community and mandatory logo for organic-certified products. This logo always has to be accompanied with a note specifying where its raw materials have been sourced, as well as the number of the certifying organization. This number is made of the origin country international code + BIO + order number. For example, for a product that is sourced in France: FR-BIO-09. The list of certifying organizations being accredited in France is available on the website of the Agence Bio

  • Écocert is a French certifying organization founded in 1991, with its eponymous logo. Accredited by the French ministry of agriculture, this label certifies products that are made of a minimum of 95% natural ingredients and/or are transformed according to respectful production processes towards the environment. Artificial flavors and coloring's, as well as silicons are forbidden.

  • Since 2004, FairTrade is fighting the unethical raw-materials production when it comes to enable farmers and farm-workers to make a living out of it. Today, ¾ of people suffering of malnutrition are farmers or farm-workers from Latin America, Africa or Asia. To counter this, FairTrade is working in favor of ethical businesses. This organization also guarantees a fair income to all farmers around the world.

  • Skal: as an independent regulator, Skal Biocontrole is committed to the demonstrable reliability of organic products in the Netherlands.


Our promise is to look out for all of our clients and products from the bottom of our heart.


Noé Team

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