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News & Traditions

6th & 7th of August 2021

Gay Pride Weekend


Noé welcomes and embraces any and all flavors and thus, we thought of very special croissants for this very special moment that we cherish!

Here are our 3 colorful GAY PRIDE CROISSANTS:

- Raspberry croissant, filled with raspberry cream and raspberry jam, dipped in white chocolate and sugar pearls both naturally colored in pink.
- Lemon croissant, filled with and dipped in lemon crème pâtissière, coated with sugar pearls.
- Chocolate croissant, filled with and dipped in chocolate cream, dark chocolate ganache and cocoa, coated with sugar pearls naturally colored with chocolate.

Available in stores this coming Friday the 6th and Saturday the 7th of August. FIRST HERE, FIRST SERVED!
Noé family wishes everyone a happy GAY PRIDE WEEKEND honoring everyone’s love, loved ones and rights! Although it is an everyday matter.

26th & 27th of April 2021

King's day

Koningsdag is in ONE WEEK! We are so excited to celebrate this day with you again this year! We are not sure what will be possible in terms of celebration by then, but at Noé, we promise to help you make this day a special day! This year’s Noé Tompouce has been turned into Martin’s special, Le Millepouce:

- French grand classic millefeuille
- 3 layers of puff pastry
- 2 layers of crème pâtissière
- naturally-colored orange glaze

We will bake loads so we all get a chance to have a festive bite of this King's day Pâtisserie!

—> Available in stores on Monday 26th of April and on Tuesday 27th of April.
—> Available for order until Wednesday 21th of April, 18:00 at 📩

14th of February 2021

St Valentin

We are so excited to present to you our St Valentin specialty: Mon Chou.


Sweet shortcrust and almond cream; Soft Salted caramel;

Chou filled with creamy vanilla cream and salted caramel;

Whipped vanilla cream;

Red caramel topping.


Only a big week left before celebrating love! And Noé is of course here to help you make the most of this day!

You can order it in stores or at 📩 .


Last orders will be taken on Wednesday the 10th of February!

Starting on the 20th of November 2020


Sinterklaas is here! For this special occasion, Noé have become Maestros in all things Speculaas! Laura and Martin, our cheffe boulangère and our maître pâtissier have come up with two specialities:
1- Speculaas quiche: a quiche of croissants dough filled with cream, eggs, sugar, vanilla and of course speculaas spice, finally coated with speculaas cookies!
2- Speculaas macaron: a macaron made of almond and speculaas shell, and filled with speculaas and white chocolate whipped ganache!

Available in stores for three weekends in a row, Fridays until Sundays, starting on Friday 20th of November and ending on Sunday the 6th of December! Order is possible at
Save the dates!!

Happy wonderful Sinterklass celebrations to everyone!

October 2020

Noé 1st Anniversary

October is marking the 1ST YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Noé! To celebrate such a special occasion, we felt it was only suited to bring back the one and only Paris-Brest! They will be available in all our stores, with a new delicate and refined look!

With a choux pastry base, this pâtisserie is then layered with caramelized hazelnut pure praliné and a voluptuous praliné cream. Of course 100% organic, these masterpieces will be back in stores starting Friday the 9th of October! Come by and treat yourself with this pâtisserie, the queen of flavors and textures!

14th of July 2020

French National Day

The 14th of July is around the corner and for all the Frenchies on the planet it is celebration day! The French tradition celebrates the Bastille day and to honor that day, our Maître Patissier Martin thought of two main of the French symbols: the Tour Eiffel and the Macaron. During 2 days, the 13th and the 14th of July, come to visit us at Noé and get the chance to enjoy a pâtisserie master piece: a dark chocolate Eiffel Tower standing proud on a macaron made of chocolate and almond shell, and filled with chocolate crémeux and raspberry coulis! Let’s celebrate all together this very special French day and thus, French traditions and specialties! Pre-order possible! Santé 🥂

29th of May 2020

Thank you!

Just a few words to thank all of you who have supported Noé Boulangerie & Pâtisserie BIO throughout the COVID-19 crisis. We are very happy and moved to announce to you that we have made it through these strange times thanks to you, and we are excited to announce upcoming news and projects Noé has in stock for you. We cherish all of the support we have received during the past challenging months and we want to thank you one more time, big time. Take care, stay safe, and see you very soon! 

15th of March 2020


Due to the exceptional circumstances, we at Noé, felt the urge to adapt our services to the situation. For the best for all of us, we think wise to open our bakeries for a shorter time than usual, minimizing risks but yet enabling each of you to get breads and viennoiseries, the most efficient and safe way. Therefore, we will be opening our bakeries 7 days a week but with different opening hours. Lastly and concerning our bakery in Zuidas, we will only provide you with a pick up and collect service. All of these changes will remain until further notice. We wish everyone all the best, stay safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

14th of February 2020

La St Valentin

On the 14th of February, surprise your valentine and get one delicious pastry of ours. Especially made for that special day, our maître pâtissier thought of a perfectly balanced chocolate blondie with a crémeux au chocolat dipped in white chocolate and cocoa butter, finished with a dollop of raspberry ganash and fresh raspberry on top. Light, sweet, melting in the mouth, this little treasure will light up the night..

24th of June 2021

Bloemgracht Makeover

Our dear Bloemgracht store will have to close its doors on Thursday the 24th of June. This store will have to go through renovation in order to re-open more beautiful, functional and welcoming than ever! We know this must be a little shock for you as it is for us but we had to take this wise decision to keep our heads up and clear.

This summer, you will find all Noé products at Vijzelgracht and Zuidas stores! As well, Haarlemmerdijk store is getting ready to open as soon as possible.

We pride ourselves in focusing on quality over quantity so if it takes more time than planned to keep our promise, we take this time. We care about our products and about you and we hope to see you very soon again in Bloemgracht store, our third and forever promising child ;).

Take care,

Noé team

2nd to 5th of April 2021


Longer & warmer sunny days, colours coming back to life, flowers blooming, streets being filled with fresh smells, birds chirping  and taking their first steps into spring, yes, Easter is around the corner.. For this very special occasion, Noé is thrilled to present to you our —Éclosion Citron—. Blooming like a tulip, the Noé egg is a chou:

— Filled with lemon mousse, dark chocolate soft crémeux, almond nougatine & lemon moist cake
— Dipped in dark chocolate
— Topped with lemon curd and lemon zest

Being the result of a long creation thinking process, our Chef Pâtissier Martin has come up with one more yet unique surprising pâtisserie, balancing design and flavors, emphasizing textures and colors. Rich, and refined, this pâtisserie is to be ordered until Monday 29th of March

Let’s kick off spring with a bang!

6th of January - 6th of February 2021

Les Galettes des Rois

Let’s start 2021 with a royal treat to inspire this new year! To do so, we invite you to join the The French tradition of the ‘Epiphane’ (Driekoningen): the Galettes des Rois! Starting on the 6th of January, let’s share and enjoy these wonderful cakes!

This year we have one flavour that trumps all: a pur beurre puff pastry filled with  vanilla almond cream.

And quelle surprise; inside each of the galette is a hidden treasure, be careful not to break your teeth…

The Official Rules of the Tradition:
1. Get your family and friends around a table.
2. Place the galette of your choice in the middle of the table.
3. Cut the galette into slices.
4. Ask the youngest person sitting at the table to go underneath the table, hiding and hidden from everyone.
5. Then, the person underneath the table has to decide which slice goes to whom.
6. Once everyone has a slice, the person hiding goes back to her/his sit.
7. Everyone enjoys the galette!
8. The person who ends up biting on the lucky charm is the winner!
9. She or he becomes the queen or king and then has to pick someone else sitting at the table to become her/his king or queen. Queen and king can be crowned!
10. But queen and king also have to get the next galette to be shared!

It goes on for a month..!

Eet smakelijk!

Starting on the 29th of October 2020


Halloween at Noé, it’s all about pumpkin! For this special occasion, Laura and Martin, our cheffe boulangère and our maître pâtissier have come up with two specialties:
1- Pumpkin pie: walnut short crust sweet base, topped with pumpkin mix with 4 spices, eggs, sugar and crème fraîche!
2- Pumpkin macaron: almond macaron filled with chocolate and pumpkin, coated with pumpkin seeds!

Available in stores from Thursday 29th of October and until Sunday the 1st of November!

Order is possible at

Happy wonderful Halloween prep to everyone!!

20th of September 2020

Normal Opening Hours

Yes we are finally able to go back to normal opening hours and we are so excited about it!! As from tomorrow, Monday 21th of September, all bakeries will be open from 8am until 6pm from Monday to Friday. Weekend hours remain the same and vary from one location to another. See you very soon in stores!

21th of June 2020

Father's Day

For father’s day, we thought of honoring all daddy’s with three products. Noé maîtres pâtissiers have come up with a cigar-shaped pastry: almond biscuit, caramelized almonds and salted caramel are rolled with a dark chocolate ganache into chocolate leaves. What about getting one for daddy* this weekend? Our bakers have created a beer bread! To do so, 100% of the water contained in the bread (68% of the bread) is replaced by beer. And what a beer, the one we’ve picked for that special bread is blond and of course 100% organic. Who’s in for a tasty malt tartine? Finally, we also give you the chance to buy organic beers from the Moulin d’Ascq if you wish to complete the degustation. Those three products will be available all weekend long and you can pre-order them, do not hesitate to get in touch with us about it! We wish you all a wonderful family time!  

*Also available for mummy's! ;)

27th of April 2020

King's Day

For the orange day, King's Day, we have prepared a few generous and delicate treats for you! Our maître pâtissier Martin has thought of an orange Religieuse. Our bakers, Laura and Alan have come up with orange croissants and a variety of buns, and our assistant pâtissier Lorenzo has made his take on an orange Tom Pouce! Finally, Sandra's auntie, Dorothé, has shared with us her secret recipe for the orange butter! Yes, Noé is dressed in complete orange for that day!! This Monday will definitely be all about honoring our Dutch King & Queen, roots and family! Hoera!!

21th of February 2020

Bloemgracht bakery

We are very happy to announce to you that our third location has opened on Friday 21th of February!! This bakery is at Bloemgracht 2, in Amsterdam.We cannot wait for you to discover this little treasure of a place, filled with everything we like and all of our products that some of you might already know. Still a lot of new pastries and projects are coming up, 2020 is promising!We hope to see you there and we hope to please all of our neighbors at Bloemgracht with our fresh and 100% organic products. Let's enjoy healthy food all together.

6th of January - 6th of February 2020

Les Galettes des Rois

Let’s start 2020 with a royal treat: the French tradition of the ‘Epiphane’ (Driekoningen). We present you the Galettes des Rois. With the Galettes des Rois we celebrate the visit of baby Jezus by the three kings on the 6th of January. But don’t worry, we Frenchies eat the Galettes de Rois all month long!

We have 2 wonderful types of galettes:

. The FRANCHIPANE, introduced by the Florentine nobleman Franchipane in the 14th century is a wonderful cake made of puff pastry filled with a creamy almond paste.

. And then the rich galette of puff pastry filled with POIRE ET CHOCOLAT.

And quelle surprise; inside each of the galette is a hidden treasure, be careful not to break your teeth…

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-03 at
8th & 9th of May 2021

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is around the corner and for this very special occasion our Éclair à la Framboise is coming back! We will be baking it on Saturday 8th of May and on Sunday 9th of May. Our raspberry éclair is filled with organic raspberry crème pâtissière and topped with a thin slice of organic white chocolate naturally colored in pink. Possible to order at until Wednesday 5th of May, 18:00.

Olio di Noè_bottiglia fronte-mockup.png
April 2021

Noé's Olive Oil

Here we are! Finally able to present to you Noé Olive Oil! More precisely, the olive oil of Noé’s Godfather, our Noé, 11 years old! His Godfather Riccardo has given him one very symbolic gift, the artisanal and organic olive oil of the family, straight out of the Sicilian farm . It is with great efforts that this project is finally coming to life! We have learned a lot on the way, regarding bottling and the whole production process to make a truly exceptional olive oil. Not forgetting to mention that actual circumstances have slowed us down when it came to certify this oil with organic labels. Yes, being 100% organic has to be earned! This extra virgin olive oil will go perfectly with all meals, cold or warm, but also can simply be enjoyed with bread, who said Noé’s breads? What a great idea! Very soon in stores, stay tuned!

Christmas 2020

Les Bûches de Noël

Xmas at Noé happens with Les Bûches de Noël! Les bûches de Noël are cakes that were introduced to the French in the 19th century. In France, these cakes are typically and only eaten as dessert after Christmas dinner. The log shape is symbolic of the log we used to burn in the longest night of the year, the night of winter solstice. At Noé, we are proud to introduce our two flavours of bûche de Noël for Amsterdam’s end of the year celebrations! Our team have taken a unique and creative approach that have resulted from an in-depth research and creative flaire, leading to an exquisite display of textures and flavours. Our one-of-a-kind maître pâtissier Martin Baux has created what we see as the perfect proportions of taste and aesthetic. Elegant, yet magnanimous, built from a foundation of the finest 100% organic ingredients, and crafted from start to finish by hand.

Roll out the red carpet, the bûches have arrived!

The Classic Grand Lemon is a lemon and hazelnut bûche made of a hazelnut financier, a lemon curd, a praliné mousse and topped with caramelized hazelnuts. Available in 4, 6, 8 and 10 slices. From €26.


The Unique Grand Chocolate is a chocolate and salted caramel bûche, made of almond and chocolate sponge, salted caramel, a dark chocolate crémeux, a dark chocolate tree bark and topped with meringue mushrooms. Available in 6, 8 and 10 slices. From €34.

Feeling like adding an authentic French Xmas dessert to your festive table?

Orders are possible until the 21th of December for the 24th, in shops or at

15th of October 2020


According to the Dutch government measures, we are lucky enough to keep our three locations open, and at normal opening hours. Therefore and for the safety of everyone, the following in-store measures have to be taken into account:

- We strongly advise you to wear a face mask when coming in our stores.
- We will only be able to provide you with pick-&-collect services, therefore it won’t be possible to sit in the Zuidas store.
- We ask you to keep a safe distance of 1,5 meters between you and others, including the staff members.
- 1 person at a time is allowed in Vijzelgracht store.
- 2 persons at a time are allowed in Bloemgracht store.
- 3 persons at a time are allowed in Zuidas store.
- We will continue to only accept pin payments and NO cash.

All of these measures will remain until further notice.
We thank you for your consideration and understanding, and of course your constant support.

Together, we can make it.
Stay safe ♥️

Team Noé

25th of July - 2nd of August 2020

Gay Pride

You voted and here it is: our special pastry for this special week!! A fine, delicate, generous, colorful and tasty cutie made of almond shortcrust for the base, filled with raspberry coulis and vanilla crémeux on its heart, the final touch being those colorful white chocolate shards! Wait to bite on this mind-blowing multi-textured treat! Available in stores this weekend!

1st of June 2020

New Opening Hours

As from the 1st of June 2020, our bakeries are slowly and safely going back to normal opening hours, starting with weekends opening hours.

Bloemgracht bakery: opened from 8 until 16:00 from Monday to Friday, from 8 until 17:00 on Saturdays and from 9 until 17:00 on Sundays.

Vijzelgracht bakery: opened from 8 until 14:00 from Monday to Friday, from 8 until 17:00 on Saturdays and from 9 until 17:00 on Sundays.

Zuidas bakery: from 8 until 14:00 from Monday to Thursday, from 8 until 15:00 on Fridays and Saturdays and from 9 until 15:00 on Sundays.

Lastly, it is now possible to take a sit at Zuidas bakery! We are very happy to be able again to offer you sits inside and outside. The terrasse will be opened from Monday 1st of June at noon. Stay safe and see you very soon!

Easter, mid-April 2020

Easter Gourmandises

The Easter Surprise! We cannot wait for you to try it out. This Easter pastry is layered with chocolate mousse, hazelnut sponge, cream, dough, salted caramel and topped with chocolate glaze and white chocolate feathers. It is an amazing and delicate mix of textures articulated around the two balanced flavors of chocolate and caramel. Two sizes are available, for 1 person and for 2 persons to share. You can enjoy it the whole week of Easter, including Easter Monday. You can also order it, to do so, please reach out to us 2 days in advance. Also during this {Week Of The Gourmandises}, enjoy Easter breads, Easter citron meringué croissants and Easter chocolates!

19th of February 2020

Open on Sundays!

New Opening Hours! YES you are finally getting that fresh baguette for your Sunday breakfast!

Christmas 2019

Les Bûches de Noël

A traditional French dessert served after the main Christmas dinner is the Bûche de Noël, a roll of light sponge cake, covered in chocolate or coffee butter cream textured to resemble bark as an evocation of the ancient tradition of burning the Yule log. The facsimile is sometimes made more elaborate by molding the frosting to resemble a cut branch and decorating it with sugar leaves and meringue mushrooms.

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