I am Martin Baux, a French pastry chef, with over 14 years of experience in France, the UK and the Netherlands. I was first drawn to the art of patisserie at 17 years old, I then passed my CAP and BTM in south of France (Bordeaux & Nimes). After a couple of years in France, I went to London where I developed my creativity & management skills. After 3 years across the channel, I moved to Amsterdam where I was head pastry chef at the Grand Hotel, it was a very exciting time for me, I managed, created & developed the pastry menu for a 5 star Hotel and designed desserts for Michelin star restaurant. After almost 4 years there I felt the need to go back to a bakery/pastry shop, where my career started. As I grew up on an organic farm, working in an organic bakery was the way to go for me. My values in a nut shell: Quality and respect of the ingredients & have fun in what you do.   

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My name is Louis Barnique, I am 25 years old. I am originally from Nouvelle-Aquitaine (FR) but I have lived in the South-East of France for more than 15 years. I started my pastry career with a pastry CAP with a complementary mention. I then also graduated in the bakery field with another CAP, a BP and a BM. Aiming to improve and strengthen my skills, I completed a RQSE. I have always wanted to become a pâtissier and a baker, and since a very young age. In fact, I am the 5th generation of bakers in my family and I have been immersed in this field since I was a child.


During these years of studies, I was able to participate in various competitions. I won the regional championship three times; which enabled me to take part in three national championship finals.

Being passionate about it, I like to design products, innovate and pass on my know-how. I appreciate providing high quality products with diversity and a unique touch.

Why Noé? New working techniques, new products, organic-certified ingredients, a great, young and welcoming team. A professional opportunity before which I could not shrink.


Laura, Boulangère

Already as a young girl I knew I wanted to be a baker. To make a handmade artisanal product out of a range of pure ingredients. I went to the bakingschool and learned a lot. I always was a activist in promoting that women can also be professional bakers.  Only 15 years ago I was laughed at for applying for a baking position. I have quite some experience now and worked at several bakeries. I think you always have to pursue your passions, nothing can stop you. For me be a professional baker is the best there is.

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Alan, Boulanger

My name is Alan Oak, I’ve previously worked in banking, sales and finance before embarking on a career switch. I retrained myself as a baker a few years ago and since then I’ve been working and gaining experience in different bakeries. I love my new career choice. It’s not often that French organic bakeries open in Amsterdam and I’m excited to be part of the Noé team and looking forward to making excellent breads and pastries.

The Rest of the Family

Behind Noé's delicacies, there is a whole family. Passionate humans, who believe in healthy food for a healthy life and a healthy planet. Baking experts, they aim for you to have access to the finest bakery products in Amsterdam.