Our Breads

Pain Noé
T80 & rye flours - Our signature bread. The Noé is slow-proofed, more airy / stronger sourdough taste. Ideal in thick slices, with cheeses and warm meals!
100% T65 flour - Lightest bread we have. Best for breakfast, picnic and wine!
Pain Tradition Graines
100% T65 flour - Lightest bread we have. Best for breakfast, picnic and wine!
Pain Tradition
100% T65 flour - Lightest bread we have. Best for breakfast, picnic and wine!
Pain Complet
100% T150 flour (whole grain) - The healthiest bread we have. Best for breakfast and aside all meals.
Pain de Campagne
T80 & rye flour - Grand French classic. Best enjoyed in big slices, for breakfast, warm meal and wine!
Pain aux Céréales
100% T80 flour, sesame seed, poppy seed, gold lind seed, brown lind seed - Healthy bread, flavoured. Perfect aside all meals.
Pain Fruitier
100% T65 flour, raisin, figs, almond, hazelnut, walnut, cinnamon - The richer bread we have. Perfect for breakfast!
Pain aux Olives
100% T65 flour, green & black olives - Tasty bread. Perfect for dips!
Pain Petit Épeautre
100% petit épeautre flour, tiny bit of honey & olive oil, sunflower seed - The most digestive bread. Perfect at anytime and for anything, easy for children to eat.
Pain de Maïs
T80 flour and corn flour, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, a tiny bit of curry powder - Healthy bread, flavoured. Perfect for breakfast.
Petits Pains
100% T65 flour - Lightest breads we have. Best for breakfast, picnic and wine!

Our Viennoiseries

Pur Beurre
Pain au Chocolat
Pur Beurre
Escargot aux Raisins
Pur Beurre
Escargot à la Cannelle
Pur Beurre
Croissant au Fromage
Pur Beurre
Croissant aux Amandes
Pur Beurre
Financiers à la Noisette
Hazelnut & brown butter moist cake
Petits Pains d'Épices
Honey & spices cake - orange, lemon, lime, cardamom, cloves, star anise, cinnamon, nutmeg & pepper
Honey & brown butter cake
Choux pastry with sugar pearls
3 chocolates & 3 nuts
Gâteau du Jour
Chocolate & orange cake with pumpkin seeds

Our Pâtisseries

For Birthday Cakes, every of the following pastry can be turned into a cake.

Our birthday cakes are 8 to 10 slices big.

Please get it touch with us 2 to 3 days ahead and before 6 pm, in order to proceed the order on time and at best.

Order at order@boulangerienoe.com

Flan Pâtissier
Almond sweet dough & creamy vanilla backed cream
Feuilleté aux Pommes
Puff pastry, vanilla pastry crème, apple & cinnamon
Tartelette Citron Meringuée
Almond sweet dough, lemon curd & lemon meringue
Tartelette Choco-Caramel
Almond sweet dough, salted caramel, chocolate crémeux & 60% dark chocolate dusted disc
Choux pastry with caramelised hazelnut, pure praliné, praliné crème & Noé 60% dark chocolate disc
Tartelette Amandine
Almond sweet dough, raspberry jam, almond cream & almond flakes
Éclairs Chocolat & Café
Éclair au Chocolat
Chocolate choux pastry, chocolate, 58% dark chocolate & 58% chocolate top

Éclair au Café
Coffee choux pastry, coffee crème pâtissière, milk chocolate & coffee top
1) All Chocolate
2) Raspberry & Almond
3) Lemon & Hazelnut

Our Sandwiches, Coffees, Teas & Hot Chocolate

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